Frequently Asked Questions


A Ninja Class in a box!  We are dedicated to creating engaging content that safely encourages kids to move at home.  The box includes an online interactive Ninja class, physical challenges, crafts to make and use in class, a character chart with a bonus challenge, and badges kids earn as the complete each activity to add to their Badge Band!

How does it work?

Ninja Squad Box combines playground physicality, creativity, and problem-solving skills to grow kid's minds and bodies.  Each box has a new theme, awesome activities, and a passcode to access the online Ninja class.  The first box includes a Badge Band, each box will include badges to earn throughout class!  The online class can be watched over and over again, as many times as you like!

Do I need any special EQUIPMENT?

Nope!  You just need some basic household items, like: couch cushions, stuffed animals, books, big bowls, and maybe a couple sturdy chairs.  That's it!  We get super creative with what you already have in your home.  If you have a thick rug, or a tumble mat that's great!  We want everyone to be safe, and we will talk you through safe choices every step of the way.

How big of a SPACE do I need?

Whenever you are doing physical activities you want to find as big a space as you have available.  Push some chairs back, move the coffee table, make sure you don't have any sharp corners or valuable antiques nearby.  A "normal" living room (8x10ish) should be fine.  In fact, that's what it was designed for!  That being said, we ask you to make your best judgement.

Who is Coach Tony?

Coach Tony Clarno is a master teacher, having dedicated over 20 years to working with kids, coaches, and artists to find the joy in learning and performing.  A gymnast, a martial artist, a program designer, and creator, he invented the Achieve Sleeve to inspire kids with fun and positive badges of awesomeness.   

Why is The NINJA SQUAD Box so uniquely awesome?

Adding the VIDEO LESSON to the subscription box experience is the NEXT LEVEL in mail-in services! For the first time, kids can have an exciting gymnastics and ninja experience in their own home.  Coach Tony's 20 years experience in the industry has made him a master of teacher/student engagement.  

What ages make good NINJAS?

Every Ninja is different, but we have found that most kids between the ages of 3.5-9 yrs old really dig this box.  These are the ages kids still love to PLAY!  So let's get busy and start playing!  When you sign up select your Ninja's size based on their age so we can give them the appropriate sized Badge Band.


It. Is. The coolest.  You know how in the scouting programs, kids earn badges?  It's kind of like that... but no sewing, no ironing.  The badges are a kind of super sticker.  You peel, place, and press them onto the Badge Band and they really stick!  The Badge Band can be worn on a Ninja's wrist, arm, or ankle.  Kids will earn badges throughout class to fill up up their Badge Band!  

Are you ready to join the NINJA SQUAD?