A Ninja Class in a Box!

Send your kids on an awesome adventure in the safety of your own home! Ninja Squad Box combines playground physicality, creativity, and problem solving skills to grow your child's mind & body. 

Each box has a new theme, complete with:

Awesome Crafts 

Full online, interactive Ninja Class with Coach Tony

Fun Skill, Strength, & Balance Challenges

Character Chart with Bonus Challenge

 Badges kids earn as they conquer each activity to add to their Badge Band Achieve Sleeve 

Class concludes with THE GAME! Kids will use the crafts they made, skills they learned, and common household objects for a totally fun obstacle course fit for a NINJA!

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How It Works


The NINJA SQUAD BOX arrives each month with awesome crafts, fun physical challenges, a character chart, and a full online Ninja Class with Coach Tony.  Class is held in the safety of your own home using crafts from the box and common household objects, no special equipment needed!  Kids earn badges as they conquer each activity to add to their Badge Band.  Ages 3.5-9! 

Multiple ninjas at home?

Use our sibling discount to get  10% off every box you order! Use the promo code SIBLING at checkout!

Minimum 2 boxes per order.  Additional Ninja Squad boxes will need to be added to your cart one at a time due to size/color selections, sibling boxes must be part of the same order for the discount to apply

Step 1

order your box

select your size & favorite color

Step 2

your ninja squad box arrives!

enter online passcode

Step 3

join the squad and conquer the class!

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